Pet Nutrition and Diet Counseling

The easiest way to maintain a healthy pet is diet.

Just like their owner’s health, an animal’s health is greatly affected by the food it eats. Because of the constraints of a modern lifestyle, many owners are unable to give their pets the constant exercise they require to stay in good shape. This has led to a rise in animal obesity all over the country which is one of the bigger problems facing the veterinary industry.

What many pet owners don’t realize is that the weight of their pet scales at a much steeper curve than it does for a human. A dog that is just a single pound overweight is near the equivalent of being 5 pounds overweight for an average adult human. If you’re beginning to worry that your dog isn’t just a regular “big dog”, it’s important to consult with a professional animal nutritionist immediately.

A nutritionist not only can help your pet slim down in a safe and healthy manner, but they can also diagnose and prescribe diets for pets with specialized needs. This is an especially crucial component of disease management, and keeping the health of your furry companion is always the primary goal of our team at North Augusta Animal Hospital.

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