Pet Wellness Exam

Maintaining Your Pet’s Optimal Health

Like humans, our furry friends need to be looked at regularly by medical professionals. This is done to ensure that our pets are healthy, and to look for signs of any infections or ailments that aren’t obvious to us owners. As opposed to an examination of a pet that is ill, a wellness exam is a routine checkup done to a pet that is healthy. This type of exam is considered preventive medicine because it addresses health problems, if there are any, at their initial stages to avoid them from developing into more serious and complicated illnesses or diseases.

Routine Procedures

North Augusta Animal Hospital utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to thoroughly evaluate all of your pet’s body systems. A physical exam and laboratory tests will be conducted so that our veterinarians can check for dental diseases, wounds, skin infections, eye problems such as cataracts or dry eye, tumors, tick/flea/tapeworm infestations, ear infections, heart murmurs and weight issues.

Our hospital may employ a couple of these tests to check your pet’s overall health: heartworm check, chemistry panel, x-rays, fecal exam, cytology, urinalysis, blood pressure reading and complete blood count, among others. Tests that your pet needs to undergo will be determined by its age, breed and lifestyle. Our veterinarians will come up with a treatment or diet plan depending on the test findings.

Frequency of Checkup

Wellness exams are ideally conducted annually for the average adult dog, monthly for puppies, and semi-annually for geriatric or middle-aged dogs.

For more information or to schedule a pet wellness exam, please call us at 803-279-5025.


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