Fast and Accurate Pet X-ray Results in North Augusta

Keep an eye on your pet’s health with North Augusta Animal Hospital’s X-ray services. Our facility boasts of state-of-the-art machinery that processes images within seconds and produces high-resolution results. This makes whatever is plaguing your canine, feline friends easily spotted so our veterinarians can suggest or apply a treatment right away.

Our services also make it easy for us to connect with other veterinarians and pet radiologists, in case you need second opinions. You don’t have to put yourself at an inconvenience, too, just to find answers to your beloved companion’s health issue. We can conveniently send you the images, wherever you are, so you can consult with another professional about your pet.

Caring and Competent Staff

We understand how strange it must be for your pet to be surrounded by unfamiliar objects and gadgets, emitting sounds they don’t quite understand. This is why we are dedicated to making every radiology visit as non-invasive and comfortable as possible. We can sedate your pet or administer anesthesia so we can position them properly and get accurate images taken.

Our gentle staff will show you that your pet does not have to go through a hard time just to achieve better health. We are skilled at providing dependable diagnostic services, as well as pleasant experiences. After all, we see every animal companion that comes into our clinic as our own, so we make sure they’re properly cared for.

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